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Click on the NSCG Happy Witch above to see club history and explanation of this mascot.  

Membership Benefits:

The Northeastern Spoon Collectors Guild Roster of Fellow Spooners, which is updated annually.

Membership Pin - Colorful cloisonne pin of the "Happy Witch" (featured in the logo at top of page).

Two Regional NSCG Meetings per year

Quarterly publication of the NSCG newsletter, The Cauldron, in which members may place free ads to buy, sell and trade spoons, or to request information.

Access to a National Spoon Collectors Library.

Information about other Regional Spoon Clubs in the United States, Canada, and other countries.

Information about annual International Spoon Conventions.

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The NSCG holds two meetings each year. The Spring Meeting is always in the greater Springfield, MA, area in May to coincide with the first Brimfield Antique Market of the year. The Fall Meeting takes place in a different Northeastern location each year. Please go to the “Upcoming Events and Meetings” area for detailed information or click on the link here.

The NSCG has hosted several 
International Spoon Conventions:

Salem, MA. in 1990
Albany, NY in 1994
Washington, DC in 2000
Niagara Falls in
Dayton, Ohio in 2011
Providence, RI in 2016

NSCG Officers

   Anne Marek

   Jane Puzine

  Pro Tem

   Jane Puzine

Newsletter Editor:
  Kimberly Griffith

Meeting Coordinator:
  Ed Writer

Communications Czar:
  John Puzine


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Read about the history of the Northeast Spoon Collectors Guild
 and its "Happy Witch" mascot as well as the NSCG donation
to the National Postal Museum of the Smithsonian by clicking here.

A Few of our Favorite Spoons

N. S. C. G.  members are proud to present a few of their favorite spoons from their collections for your enjoyment. This section will be expanded to include many varied and interesting spoons in coming months.

Click any of the pictures, most of which show a prominent part of a spoon, for an enlargement of the entire spoon.

Russian Troika

 A troika dashes over the snow in this painted and lacquered scene on the back of the bowl of this Russian serving spoon.  Submitted by the late Ann Rolfe of New Hampshire.

Click to see enlargement of entire spoon.

Click to see entire spoon.

Rip Van Winkle / Catskill Mountains

This wonderful full figure rendition of Rip Van Winkle (detailed front and back) awakening after his 20 year nap is nearly 6 inches long and made by Watson & Newell. The embossed bowl is especially interesting with the words SEE THE CATS KILL MOUNTAINS and three cats with guns pointed at the mountains, making this a rebus spoon. --Norma Bowen, New York

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Saratoga Springs 

Beautiful enameled High Rock Spring scene decorates the bowl of this fraternal organization spoon by Watson. Submitted by the late Joe Unger of New York.

Click to see enlargement.

Click to see enlargement.

Red Jacket / Pan American Exposition 

The sterling and enamel handle Red Jacket (Seneca Chief) / Pan American Exposition spoon is a favorite of mine because it features the famous Western New York Chief as well as the Pan Am Expo which was held in Buffalo, NY in 1901. --Chris Siwirski, Western New York State.

Niagara Falls

 The falls are embossed in the bowl of this unusual spoon that has a single scene covering the entire spoon. Note the Whirlpool in the finial. Submitted by Helen Shelanskey of Michigan.

Click for enlarged view of entire spoon.

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Click for enlarged view of entire spoon.

Gorham Mfg. Co.

This spoon was cast about 110 years ago by Gorham, the famous producer of silver products including souvenir spoons. The top of the spoon depicts the company's mark, the company founding date of 1831 and the spoon design date of 1890. The bowl of the spoon shows a pretty view of the Gorham factories in Providence. I prize this spoon because of its rarity, its beauty and its representation of the source of so many fine spoons. -- Jon Caron, Florida


This embossed spoon from Bermuda shows scenes and items from Bermuda. The angelfish shown in the finial can be seen around the reefs and even in the pools of water at the edge of a beach. Easter Lilies  were a major source of export income years ago. The lighthouse pictured below the lily warned ships of the reefs that surround the island. The reverse side of the spoon shows a man seated in a donkey cart, a major mode of transportation before automobiles and cars came to the island. Finally, the famous Bermuda onion is shown below the donkey cart. This spoon measures 5 3/4" and was manufactured by Caron Brothers of Montreal, Canada. -- Jane Puzine, Massachusetts

Click to see entire spoon.

Click to see entire spoon.

Miss Chicago

Sterling "Miss Chicago" spoon was made by Gorham for the 1893 Columbian Exposition. It is a true full figure spoon, with the entire handle, front and back, being an exquisitely detailed representation of Miss Chicago. Submitted by the late Joan Snyder, New York.

Monitor & Merrimac

This enamel bowl depicts the famous battle of the "ironclads" during the Civil War.

From the Collection of Pat Balach, Virginia.

Click to see enlargement of entire spoon.

Click to see enlargement of entire spoon.

Owney, the famous Postal Dog

Owney, the Albany, NY Postal dog traveled the US and the world with the mail in the 1890's. The spoon was made by Webb Ball Co. and has the maker's address in tiny script on an envelope on the reverse. The handle of the spoon features Owney, adorned with many postal tags. The bowl is embossed with a mail car, mail bags and a key and chain. Owney has been stuffed and is on display at the Smithsonian Institute. --Anon.


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Membership Information

P. O. Box 27114
El Jobean, FL 33927

Please include: Initial dues of $20.00 per person. Subsequent years dues are $20 per individual or couple.

For additional information, please send an email to jmpspoons@comcast.net




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If you are interested in other spoon collecting clubs, please visit  www.spoonplanet.com/clubs.html
 to view information about the Spoon Collectors of Southern California club.
To learn about our national group, please visit  www.nlcspooncollectingclubs.org

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